Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Things First

Here's my First post. I wonder if I am suffering from heat induced mania. But for good or bad I am off for a foray into the wide world of blogging. It is so hot here today 40Degrees Celsius. I have moved the trestle from the family room into the lounge. It is cooler there and DH doesn't mind or so he says. I can see the TV and still talk to him. The kitchen table is covered with paint stuff and the lounge is covered with the copies of Fibre and Stitch. I am waiting for some painted tyvek to dry and I've been searching for inspiration on the blogs. I found some at
Which hopefully will get my mind moving. I was going for a purple colour scheme for a diary bag I've been planning. That's changed now as I remembered the orange wool felt I bought a few years ago and hadn't used. I have overdyed it using Jacquard Acid dyes I bought from Unique Stitching in Canberra and I found a silk fibre pack I bought from The Thread Studio years ago and still haven't used. The wol is sitting out on the verandah in the sun, a little experiment to see if it is hot enough out there to set it. I did a small piece in a seperate bag and I'l rinse that first to see if it has set before I rinse the rest. I'll post some photos when everything sets and dries which shouldn't be long in the heat we are having.
We are praying for rain. Which the grape growers may not want as it is nearly their harvest season but too bad to them.

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