Saturday, December 3, 2011

Susie McMahon Workshops 2

Today was the last day of a wonderful 3 days with Susie McMahon

Day 1 we sculpted a head for a Muse. Here's the one I did.

On the second day we made a Zozie doll. Mine is a bird girl.

Today was the third day and we finished putting the Muse body together and I painted the head of my Muse.

I'll show you a photo of the finished product very soon.
Susie is a wonderful teacher and we had a wonderful 3 days with her. She is my favorite cloth doll teacher. She teaches overseas on occasion as well and if you go to her blog you can contact her and find out where she is teaching next year.
She is coming to South Australia again mid next year if you are interested.
i am putting the recipes of the slice and the quiche I made for the workshops on my other blog - Peta Eats


Jules said...

Wow! These are wonderful Peta! I can't wait to see Muse completed. Lovely photo of you and Susie.

Erin Derr said...

Your dolls are beautiful and imaginative. I love them!