Thursday, December 8, 2011

Susie McMahon Workshops 3

Can you guess what these are?

If you guessed hand carved feet for my Zozie doll you were right.

Despite making two different sets of feet for her I couldn't get her to stand up. My wonderful husband carved these from a piece of Wild plum from his wood stash. He's a great husband.

My Muse, who still hasn't told me her name, is progressing well I have glued a layer of muslin over her body and arms and painted her. She is progressing well.

Yes she is hanging upside down from a piece of string on the back-verandah.


Sandy Pine said...

what a fantastic idea for Zozies feet. With the wood,feathers and clay you have a real nature piece.
So you glued muslin all over the body and arms too? I like the texture that gives the doll. I still haven't decided which direction to go with mine....

Stitch1Peta said...

She looks so good. I was going to do somemore onher but I am too tired

Jules said...

Loving these pics Peta!