Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Susie McMahon Workshops

There is great excitement amongst the South Australian Cloth Doll Ladies. Susie McMahon is coming for a visit and to teach classes. Her last visit was 2008.
This is the doll I sculpted in the class.

My plan is too dress her as a Victorian era child. I got too the underwear and blouse stage and ran out of oomph. I have the material and the patterns for the rest of her clothing and I will finish her just don't ask me when.

This time we are making The Muse and Zozie. I don't have to buy anything but a half a meter of stretch fabric. I probably don't even need to buy that but I can't be bothered hunting through the Stash for it so I am off to the fancy fabric shop to hunt up a flash stretch fabric. Ideally I'd like something in black and gold but I'll have to wait and see what is available.


Sandy Pine said...

Peta, you have exactly a week to get that doll dressed!

Jules said...

She's lovely! I am so envious of you all having classes with Susie. I'm realy looking forward to seeing the dolls!