Monday, November 21, 2011

From the Stash

AS you know, if you are following what I am up too, I am trying to use mostly things from my stash. I have lots of choices and that is part of the problem. I do have an ongoing project and I am doing the boring bit.
Once I have a project to the stage that I can see how it will end up I lose interest. It's a big problem for me and even though I am aware of this I still struggle with it. That's one of the reasons I am veering towards small projects. I have lots of big unfinished projects too.
Last month in my bid to create order from chaos Greg helped me clear everything out of the studio and I mostly put it back. I avoided the yearly craft show because I am an impulse shopper and I have enough impulsively bought items as it is without adding to them.
I don't have a current knitting project, well one I can lay my hands on that it is. I started a baby jacket for my cousins baby girl and I will finish it one day. When I find it. Said baby turned 21 recently, need I say anymore. I also have a cable jumper for myself started but there are more cables on the back than the front so I have to fix it and that is more work than I want at the moment.
I found, in the great tidy up, the alpaca wool I bought last November and the hand spun/dyed I bought in Tasmania in 2009. I also located the wool winder thingeys I bought in Ballarat in April. So at least I used the wool winders and I have the wool dehanked.

There are lots of patterns on Ravelry I love. A beret called Phannie which this wool would be perfect for. Plus another for a bandana cowl on the blog Purl Bee, this blog has an array of crochet and knitting projects. There's a crocheted hat with ear flaps that would work with this wool too.
Summer is on us so I am not sure where this desire to knit has come from but oh well.

On another topic if you are an embroidery fan Sharon of Pin Tangle is starting Take a Stitch Tuesday again. Go for a look if you are interested. I start well then run out of oomph but I am going to give it another go.

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Jules said...

Good luck with the stash busting. I could do with a wool winder, I am crocheting a waffle baby blanket and the balls of yarn are huge!I'm doing TAST too - but I'll probably run out of steam. Maybe we can jolly each other along?!