Wednesday, November 2, 2011

When is enough enough?

I think I have finally reached the stage of "Enough is Enough". I had organised my PDO for this Friday so I could go to the Craft Fair. NOT GOING!!!! I've got enough.
Enough what? Well may you ask. Yes you may.
I have enough emphemera, textile ephemera. I have fabric of all types falling out of boxes and cupboards. I have a million books (slight exageration but not by much). Stamps, paint, stencils, inks... You name it and I probably have some of it or I can tell you where to get it. Need a couple of old shoe lasts... I have some of those. Perhaps an Edwardian bed jacket, got it. Lots and lots of buttons, Pick me Pick me. Threads, wools silks and polyester whatevers. Miles of ribbons and mountains of lace. Yep I am your girl.

What don't I have? I don't have enough time. I am severely lacking in enthusiasm. Part of this is brought on by working my butt off at work. I am filling in for one of the kitchen officers who is on leave. I love cooking but it just isn't fun anymore I am over this job. I want to go back to my own job now. When I get home I fall into a chair with a glass of wine and wish for Lotto to ring me.
Oh well only 7 more working days and the holidayer will be back and I can go back to my own job.
The trouble is I think I've had enough of that too. Might be time to look for something new. I have been working in this industry for nearly 15 years and I think my candle is burning out. I think it is a big hint when you look at a client and you just want to slap them and tell them to grow up.
I know what I am not going to do and surely that is a start. I am not going to open my own business I just can't afford it without taking out a mortgage and in the current financial crisis I am not willing to risk my house on it.
The trouble is I am really good at getting people to do stuff they have to do and don't particularly want to do and I am good at organising so if you know of any one who wants a bossy organiser let me know.
Luckily my boss does want me to do that and pays me really well to do it even when my attitude sucks. So until Lotto rings or the dream job turns up I'll just stay where I am.
Big sigh... Surely it is my turn to win Lotto. Hurry up and ring me Lotto man.


Sandy Pine said...

I agree Peta. I didn't go to the show either - I still haven't made anything from the craft I bought last year!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Sounds sensible! I too have more than enough and so I'm finding it quite helpful that I can't buy any more (thanks to financial restrictions) as it means I have to focus and *use* what I have.

Thus the need to use Kreinik cord and not Madeira #40 thread for my spiders web. Actually cord is very fine indeed - similar to blending filament, just more 'unified' in construction, so I think it'll be OK.

Yeah, enthusiasm wanes when you're tired or you kinda feel you're forcing yourself. Just give yourself a break and enjoy some time to read, or do whatever you enjoy.=)

Thanks for teaching me 'ephemera'. I love new words!

Trishia said...

I'm so glad you dropped into my blog:) I have really enjoyed reading through many of your posts. We have similar interests....I used to be a journalist (copy editor, features editor, special sections editor). Thanks for the Run Bitch Run advice!
In regard to the image I created to to demand seller's rights from Etsy, you can click on it on my blog [] and it will open up for you to copy. I disable right click copy on images that are hands off. But if you click and it opens, you are welcome to it:)