Thursday, June 17, 2010

What am I up too.

Life is so busy I have to make time just to think. I have a new computer, I lease my computer and the lease was up so I have a lovely new laptop. The company sent out a nice young man who set it all up for me and loaded everything.
Work is manic, we sadly lost a long time colleague and friend. He was diagnosed with liver cancer last week and passed away on Monday. The funeral is tomorrow so we are closing up, leaving a skelton crew and going to support his wife and young daughter.
Also I am off to Mount Gambier on Monday for at least three weeks so I am getting organised for that.
Saturday and Sunday I have a leather bag workshop.
I have started the Hcg Diet. I had planned to start on Monday but that didn't happen due to issues with getting all the stuff. However by Tuesday I was stocked up and Wednesday I started the injections. My starting weight was 92 kilos (202 lbs). Which was a bit of surprise as I am usually about 95 kilos and had spent Monday anad Tuesday going nuts on KFC and icecream. Stress eater here.
Today I am into the second day of overeating and have probably eaten about as much as I do in a week and about as much fatty food as I would in a month. I can see why it will be so easy to stick to the 500 calories as I may never want to eat ice cream again (in reality not really). I had not given myself an injection before but the Hcg going in is more painful than the needle so that's all fine.
So I have to plan what to take to Mt Gambier as I will be all alone down there out of work hours. I have a cabin at the caravan park so I can cook for myself as eating out on the diet would have been hard it also means I can take whatever I like. I might take my scrumbling and finally finish the jacket. It may be a good time for UFO finishing as I won't be distacted by other things. I will also take my laptop and my winter woolies as baby it's cold down there. Greg might come with me for part of the time which would be good for him as we didn't spend much of our holiday time taking it easy. He can bring his art supplies and spend some time on that. I am going to take at least one art book. My friend Rossi showed me her adventures with Zen Doodling and I am going to explore that. Just what I need another thing.

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