Thursday, June 10, 2010

What am I stitching

I thought I should show you I am stitching in between work and obsessing about my weight and the new diet. I am stitching the fairy slipper from the December 2007 Stitch magazine. I only making one so far as it is going on my exhibition piece for the SA Embroiderers Guild. This may change without notice though. I couldn't get a photo that did it justice color wise but this gives you a bit of an idea. the back ground wool felt is actually navy blue and I overlay aqua blue throwsters waste. It is stitched with blue silk thread and then flower sequins. I'll show you the finished item soon. Have some work homework to finish first and Monday I start the pigging out portion of the new diet. My favorite coffee icecream with chocolate covered almonds and grand marnier syrup and a little bit of potato with lots of butter and sour cream followed by a huge chocolate mousse.... You get the picture.

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Jules said...

Yes! So hungry now. I loved those fairy slippers, tried to get a back copy but they sold out!