Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sewing machine nightmares

Here it is another day of sewing machine frustration. I had my machine serviced not long ago and then DH decided to recover a chair for some one and thought that teddy bear jointing thread would be just the thing to sew the heavy fabric. I think he has done something horrible to my tension. so if I can't get it right today it is going back to the shop for another service.
I have hit a quiet time. I have lots of half finished things and not a shred of enthusiasm for any of them. I am still having trouble with my hip. Been to the chiropractor 5 times in 2 weeks and it is not getting any better. I was resting it but this has not helped so I am going to do what I usually do and ignore it. Today I went to the gym and then did the 2 Kilometer walk at the local wetlands. It is a lovely sunny day here and the wind is like ice. Still there where lots of birds on or around the wet lands. No 1 granddaughter tells me that if it is in the water it is a duck and if it in the sky it is a bird.
Work is busy and leaves me little time for my art work. I am still going for my art classes which are great fun.

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Sandy Pine said...

Hey there..........Sorry you are having a rough time lately. Just do some internet surfing like I do to get inspired.
How come you haven't put me on your list of favourite sites? I will add you if you add me....

Sandy :-)