Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Books, Books and more books

I love books, they are my passion and my addiction. I am an unashamed book addict. I blame my parents and grandparents. They all were/are readers. My kids and grandkids are readers. I have addicted my husband to reading too. It should spread all over the world.
In todays mail I received the catalogue from Can Do Books.
They have a great range of craft books in addition to lots of other stuff including a huge range of patterns.
I bought
Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists
Handmade Silk Paper
Sashiko Style
Ertes Fashion Designs
Making Kimono & Japanese Clothes
Japanese Kimono Designs
I should have the books next week and I am beside myself looking forward to that.
I have done some workshops since my last blog. One on gold work and using tyvek, angelina fibre and stuff. Photos soon too follow. Also did one with Ruth Black from Scotland on felting and ancient textiles. Very interesting. Both great fun. I have finished the four sample pieces I started with Alison. Part of the class was too design an embroidery and I have the design. I want to finish my doll before I start that. I have made her wig and put her hair into curlers. Her eyelashes keep coming off so have to fix that. And I have to make her dress. I am on a dead line here and I want to get her done and start the embroidery. I also have to put about 20 more beads onto the gold work I did with Mary Black a few weeks ago. Then that can go into the finished nearly box. I am not sure what too do with them yet they are supposed to be brooches but I am not going to make them into that. I also have to put the handles on a bag for Friday nights door prize at the Folk Art group. Must get cracking. I hope those books don't turn up before then.

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