Thursday, September 4, 2008

Felting and Frames

Another day of sewing machine frustration so I went for another walk. The wetlands is just down the road. I had hoped to go to my embroidery group in Adelaide but as my hip is still sore I decided against it. I have to go to work tonight and driving 100 km's round trip today and then another 90 tonight round trip to go to work would have stretched the friendship too much.
I decided to ignore my lack of enthusiasm and found a piece of needlefelting that I had started. I bought some hat forms a few months ago and DH made me a thingy to hold multiple felting needles. This has never really worked properly so today I got it out and pondered it. I think the holes are too big so that when I am using it the needles move off being straight and then the whole thing doesn't work properly. I shall ask him to do another with smaller holes. He has also finished some square frames for me. The type you lace the work onto so it is drum tight. We are investigating starting a business selling them as I couldn't find any one is Australia selling them. More work to do on that next week.
The needlefelting is going well but slowly with one needle. It is going to be a bag. Photos to come.

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