Thursday, August 21, 2008


Still at home, I have been out though. Went and babysat the Granddaughters for an hour while Greg and Bronwyn (Favorite Daughter) went and picked up the trampoline for Caitlins Birthday on Saturday. She wants "lots of presents and Chocolate in a cake". Direct quote from her.
I have laid out a scarf to felt and I am trying out the needlefelting thingy Greg made me on a bag to match the scarf. It needs a bit of adjusting but is working well. I have my 3 monthly check up post hysterectomy today and Greg is driving as My hip is still giving me grief. Then off to the Chiropractor to see if he can get it back in the joint. I found a pack of Panadeine forte from the operation so I have popped one of those and the pain is much less.
so all in all a quiet day. We have our art class tonight which is fun.

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