Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Felt and silk jacket Buttons

Buttons make or break a project. I need some sort of closure on the jacket. Previously I had big handcrafted wooden ones on it. I took those off some time ago and put them somewhere safe. Needless to say now that I need to see if I will use just one I can't find them. Plus I think it needs a bit more ornamentation. I am considering adding some crochet on a couple of edges, a few smaller bits of crochet and a crocheted button. So off to the net I went.

I love these vintage crocheted buttons

by Nancy Nehring and couldn't resist buying her book on my kindle 

and these  from Mademoiselle Chaos.

Then there are these really easy ones from Craft Stylish

Or I could make some Dorset buttons  or some like these  from Burda Style 

 and there is a brief history of them on P8 Buttons and Fabrics  Craftstylish has a dorset button tutorial
For the crocheted ornamentation I thought of doing some crocheted ric-rac like this from Foxs Lane

I've just spent an hour shuffling round the net so I should go and do some of this. I'll show you tomorrow what I've done.

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Jules said...

Love these. I would never have the patience for this fine work!