Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time is flying

As you know I am doing a two week intensive training course for work. It is interesting and I am getting a lot out of it. The course focuses on leadership and of course they have gathered 23 people with leadership skills and given them no one to lead. This is always interesting. We did some personality tests today and I haven't changed a bit. I am a 'Promoter Executor' which means I take charge of situations. I am good at Tactical prioritizing. I have a talent for negotiating. I want a measure of my success. I keep my options open. I enjoy acting as a consultant and winning people over. I take care of my family and friends. I thrive on a challenge and I am disappointed when others don't appreciate me. I am resourceful and can improvise making me a good problem solver. I am motivated by a crisis and I think on my feet. I do not always see the big picture for the details and I get bored easily and I may begin many projects and not finish them. If I get bored I become disruptive. Well that didn't tell me anything I didn't know.
I have homework every day and I still struggle with that. We have to hand it in the next day so I can't put it off. Must get to it. I am not getting any craft time in but I did get some nice fabrics to take to Fiber Forum. I also got a really nice length of cheap silk.

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