Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been a bit quiet. I always have good intentions too post more often. Sorry about that. I am preparing for Fiber Forum. Work keeps getting in the way of what I really want to do however without work I could not do much of what I want to do. I work to live so sometimes that means I have to put the work first.
I got my promotion a few weeks ago and that means that I have to study. I am doing a two week course and unfortunately the home work is keeping me from my textile work.
The venue is the Adelaide Sailing Club right on the beach at West Beach. It is a beautiful venue and I had a walk at lunch time out onto the breakwater. There is heaps of seaweed which is creating interesting patterns.
I spent a little time on the weekend putting the studio to rights. That is definitely a work in progress. I bought some more of those big plastic tubs and gathered the odd balls of wool that had been stashed in various places and filled two 90 liter tubs. I have to use them. I have a plan. I found a bag of circles I crocheted ages ago and I am going to take a ball from the stash and just crochet bits onto the circles. Eventually I will have used all the wool and I will probably be able to join them all together and make a cover for a jumbo jet or something similar. I also found some pure wool jumpers I am going to felt. Maybe I should felt them and then cut them into bits and add to the jumbo jet cover.
I should be doing my home work for the course but I'd rather talk to you.
I have been taking a natural product for my hot flushes and it worked really well until this week. I could boil the kettle on my head at the moment and make a cuppa.
Speaking of which that is what I need to inspire me to complete the dreaded homework, a cuppa and a chocolate frog.

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