Monday, October 27, 2008

Today 27th October

Well what a busy day I've had.
I had a lovely weekend away at Adare Conference Center at Victor Harbour. We have decided to do it again next year. With the emphasis on painting but we did decided to open it up to anyone who would like to join us. So I shall start to spread the word to the other groups I am in in case they would like to have a weekend away too. The food was fantastic, the scenery incredible, the hot water didn't run out and the venue was great. The staff were so great, nothing was too much trouble. I was practically comatose from an overdose of wonderful food and good company.
Today I got interviewed by the local paper as a local artist for the upcoming Craft and Quilt fair. I had a lovely two hours here at home with the reporter and she took photos. I was able to get in some advertising for all the groups I am in which is a bonus. I was also able to dribble on about my love of Textiles in Art which is my favorite thing. In addition to that I have painted the miniature paper mache dress makers dummy I bought. I have joined the Adelaide Hills Doll Guild. They are re-introducing the Doll Extravaganza under a different name. Anyway the mannequin thingy is for that. I still have to make a hoop skirt thingy for it. There will be photos as the work progresses. I also plan to sit tonight and finish the dress for my doll. I didn't end up working on her on the weekend.

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