Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brain Storm

I had a brain storm. I have got Titania together. I have painted the fabric for her dress. I need to make a bank for her too lay on. So I cut up a cardboard box, got a can of the spray foam stuff plumbers use and thought I can spray it and then mold it around the doll. the can says there is 9 - 12 liters of foam stuff. I followed the directions. Screwed on the nozzle thingy. Pushed the trigger and the wretched stuff came out of everywhere but where it should have.
The Studio Assistant(Husband) and I had already had words over how to do this. So I had to go and ask him too help. Well he had no more luck than me. So now I have this pathetic little pile of something that resembles white dog droppings. So the brain storm was a fizzer.
Now I am planning some creative sculpting with wadding and stuffing and fabric. There will be lots of glue and possibly a huge mess. I had managed to cover the kitchen table with my creative efforts and was going to clean up but The Studio Assistant who is becoming as creative(untidy) as me said don't bother and got the trestle table out of the shed for me. So now I have two tables going. Must get organised. I should have called my blog that.

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