Monday, August 18, 2008


Here it is nearly a month since I posted, so much for posting every day. I am back at work which is a big drain on the textile art time availability. I have a great job which allows me to juggle time off to suit me. Yay. Tomorrow night is Twisted Stitches how quickly that came around. We are doing a bit of a round robin. Choosing a different colour each month and adding on to the piece we were given last month. We agreed that nothing was sacred so if I decide to hack something to bits and resew it the owner would have to grin and bear it. This months colour is yellow. Here's my bit of yellow. I used hand dyed fabric then topped it with a bit of gold organza. I have pushed the gold organza through a bit of mesh and then ironed vliesofix onto it and then ironed that onto the yellow fabric. I painted a piece of tyvek yellow and then added yellow hot fix Angelina which I ironed straight onto the tyvek. It sticks together very nicely. (Got this tip from Art Quilt Monthly from Unique Stitching which is one of my links)Then I machine stitched a grid and then cut it into squares and ironed it again. The tyvek shrank nicely. I then machine embroidered the square down. The little knots are a strip of the gold organza, a strand of variegated yellow embroidery thread and 3 mm yellow silk ribbon. I tied this into together and knotted it about 3 cm's apart doen the length and then sewed it on and then cut between the knots. Great fun. You can see this more clearly in the top photo.I hope Sandy likes it. I haven't worked out how I am going to put it into her piece but I will take before and after shots.
I haven't done any more on my dol but I have painted the fabric. I had it all planned out how too make her costume but I have changed my mind and now need to think about it again.

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