Monday, June 3, 2013

Felt Berry Cake

I was inspired by this Chocolate Marscapone cake

from Call Me Cupcake when I needed to make a felt cake for The Embroiderers Guild of South Australia's SALA Exhibition.

Here it is my own 'Felt Berry Cake'

SALA is The South Australian Living Artists festival. This is a month long celebration of the original works of talented artists here in our South Australia.
Our members at the guild are keen to share with others that our work is "Anything But Old Hat".
We came up with that title after someone in the media said that "Craft work is Old Hat".
It is embarrassing some times how out of touch with reality some of the population is. In that eternal discussion of Art versus Craft people tend to forget the the term 'Masterpiece' is a craft term - this was the title guilds gave to the piece of work a 'craftsman' completed to make the transition from journeyman to master.
A craft was, and still is, not a hobby but a way of life for many who make their living with what they produce with their hands and heart. If not their primary source of income then the work we create with our hands is definitely a primary source of satisfaction that we are feeding our creative drive with the work of our hands. So wha tif I can go and buy a scarf for a few dollars, that won't give me the satisfaction of creating an original piece of art with my hands. If it also keeps my neck warm that is just a bonus.
I hope you'll join us in August at our SALA exhibition. You'll see a stitched version of a Mad Hatters Tea Party plus a lot more from the talented members of our guild.

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Christina @ The Hungry Australian said...

Lovely Felt Berry Cake, Peta. So clever of you!