Thursday, July 1, 2010

What am I up too.

Just to prove I am not obsessed with only my diet (OK I am)It is going really well 7.5 kilos in 16 days. I am aiming for 15 kilos so yay half way there.
I am spending some time in lovely Mount Gambier. It rains here a lot. I am here for work and I am going home on my days off so I haven't had a lot of crafting time.
I really miss Greg not just because I have to take care of myself and this takes up a lot time. I have brought a few projects with me and not done anything on any of them. Today I am starting work at Midday so I got the scumbling out and I am going to stop reading and vegging out and get back to textile work. Here is the jacket so far. Front and back is one piece and then the sleeves which I don't think I have made big enough so I am going to tack them together and see if I have screwed up there. I used the measurements from Crochet Couture by Lily Chin for the Haiko Jacket. I think considering how loose my clothes are getting it will be fine in a few more weeks.

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