Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No. 96

Well 96 blog posts.
I finished the frog and fairy for our Cloth Doll Club display at the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair which starts tomorrow. I also finished the piece of stitching I am adding to our group project for the Embroiderers Guild group I belong too. I did the piece of open work in the top corner. I haven't done much of this sort of thing. I wanted it to look like a carved screen. I think once I have stitched it on it will look more the thing. Twelve of us have stitched on this piece of work and it will be going into the Embroiderers Guild Collection when it is done. We each added whatever we felt like. It started with the copperry head dress and progressed from there. I hand dyed the thread I used on the open work a couple of years ago and as luck would have it the thread was perfect for the piece. Lucky me. Now just to stitch it on and fiddle a bit. If you come to the Craft and Quilt Show come say hello.

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