Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things to do

I am nearly finished a full 8 day week at work. My first since the wedding. Everyday is a busy one but I have also managed to tidy up my Library and most of my studio. I was hoping to have next weekend off to go to a landscape workshop with the Embroiderers Guild but no such luck so I am going to do an Alison Cole workshop instead as I now have that day off instead. I have had a triptych I made a couple of years ago hanging on the wall in the hall way looking unfinished and I thought months ago that I should put some insects on it to finish it off a bit and some leaves etc, so I have emailed Alison Cole to bring me one of her Golden insects kits to add to it.
I also have too finish my bit of the group project for my No limits group at SAEG.
I have been yearning for a comfy rocker recliner but couldn't talk Greg into it. A wonderful friend sadly lost his Dad recently and dropped in yesterday to see if we would like 2 rocker recliners that the family didn't want. I am in heaven they are so comfy. I sat in mine last night and vegged in front of the TV. I am also resigning from the gym and buying myself a walking machine. Someone from work has one they don't use and I am buying it. Didn't even try to talk Greg into that one just told him I am doing it.
I have my doll for our next exhibition all planned out. I just need to do some creative stuff with a photocopier and I am ready to start. I am hoping for 2 days off and I am going to just do the doll. It has to fit into the theme "A Doll riding something". I have made the doll and just need to finish off the thing being ridden.
Hi Susie I think my doll will appeal to you.

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