Saturday, October 10, 2009

Create or Perish

I know it should be publish or perish and I do have a secret dream to be published at some stage. I am not sure in what area as I have tried my hand at writing fiction and I do not think that I am particularly talented there. I will create, though the limit of my creation lately has been the center pieces for the wedding which did turn out lovely. I also created the newsletter for my doll group which was well received. I also cleared up some work stuff which created a bit of peace of mind. I am now ready to create something for the upcoming Craft and Quilt Show. I have decided to do my blog entries more regularly too.

1 comment:

Susie McMahon said...

Glad you are going to blog more, Peta - I missed you!
The wedding photos look great - hope you weren't too exhausted to enjoy it. (I do love a man in a kilt, BTW!)