Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well here it is another week gone. Today was a fun day for my cloth doll group. Only 10 of us but we had a good time. Every one had a go at the flower face and have promised to bring them back completed. They will be part of our display in November.
Petrol is getting so expensive and we have decided to return to our bi-monthly meetings next year.
I have done little else today. Greg is cooking a roast and I am surfing the net.
I decided to plan out my work and I am going to expand on the stitch along that is happening on the Stitchin Fingers site. I am going to do a traditional sampler of each stitch and then stitch 3 pieces with that stitch. For my first stitch I am using straight stitch. I have stitched the samples. I already had a small black stitch house I did years ago and I am using that for the traditional piece. I have nearly finished my third piece it is a little garden done using all straight stitches and I want to finish that tonight and then start on my fourth piece. The fourth piece is going to be a paisley stitched on felt I made with a shisha mirror included. I have the design. I have bought a large folder from my favorite scrapbooking shop for this work. I am going to make a cover for it but that is still in the planning stage.

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