Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A WIP complete

I have completed the stitching on a WIP I started last year. I was following Sharon Boggan of In A Minute Ago Take a Stitch Tuesday the photo of that is above. This year I made a New Years Resolution to use things I already have and to finish a WIP for each new piece I started. I found the sampler and decided that even though I am not involved in the Take it Further I could indeed take this piece further. Here's the result. I have decided to frame it. This required a mat but I wanted to used stuff I already had so I used the left over backing from the Fractured Circles I made and then did some more feather stitch over the edges and they were a bit wobbly. The extra feather stitch has disguised that to my satisfaction.
I have set the Studio Assistant (Husband) to making a frame for this piece.
I am getting over my hysterectomy so Greg has been staying home with me making sure I don't do anything I shouldn't. I have been crocheting and knitting to break up the reading. But this week I have been doing some embroidery too.

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