Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stitchin Cloth Dolls

Here is the link for the Flickr group I created to go with my favourite Stitchin Fingers Group.
I love to look through that group but sometimes it is hard to keep up with the photos. So the Flickr group idea was born from another Stitchin Fingers group.
Today I am working on my mirror for the Fibre and Stitch challenge. I am then going to incorporate the mirror with a cloth doll piece I have been planning for a while. I want the mirror to look like a fairy's mirror. Then as I am ready to make another doll I am going to make a fairy to look in the mirror.
I have lots of ideas for dolls but this one is probably the oldest. So I dug out a piece of felt I dyed to use as the base and I had a piece of lutrador I painted ages ago. I have gone over that with a green stamp pad and I will make leaves for the mirror frame. I want it to look like Flowers leaves and vines are scrolling over the frame. Greg is going to make a stand (I'll let him know that soon.)
I have started journalling my ideas in an A5 book but I am going to get an art diary this week and go the whole hog. Greg and I are going to start attending art lessons. The art lessons were one of the goals we set when we were avoiding divorce. Like many couples we found we didn't have much in common anymore and we both wanted to take art lessons so here we go.

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