Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making my Mask

Now that SALA is over I can concentrate on my pieces for our March Exhibition "A Touch of Venice". I am still trying not to buy anything and my mask filled that criteria. The mask was given to me by a friend and I used one of the old ties from my stash. I drew the pattern myself and the embroidery is stem stitch and fly stitch leaves stitched with perle 8 thread (from the stash). The little crystal flowers, hot fix jems and beads are leftovers from other projects and the ribbon is from the stash. For the bias binding I covered some piping cord with the ribbon and stitched it with gold thread. The ruffle at the top is a scrap of gold fabric and the milliners net is from my stash as well.
I have some other pieces in the works for this exhibition and I want to make another 2 masks. More photos to follow.

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Jules Woolford said...

Looking good Peta. Hope you're feeling better.