Friday, January 11, 2013


Alas I have discovered  new passion. I am overflowing with passions for textile works and this one is no exception. I undertook this workshop in kumihimo when the one I had signed up for was cancelled. The kit was only $3.50, perfect I thought. I didn't have to spend a fortune on anything as I have a plethora of threads.

Now I also have a beatiful sassafras maru dai like this one.

Several books, some of the hand held variety of disks - some of which are intended as gifts and a new passion.
Here are the samples I made in the class. Bev Bills from the SA Spinners and Weavers was an excellent teacher.
It's so good to be creating again.
Tomorrow I'll be creating a small stitched landscape with Glenys Leske.

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Jules said...

This looks beautiful just by itself! Hope we're going to see some of the braids?