Monday, October 1, 2012

T'Arts Display

I spent yesterday setting up our display and sale at T'Arts.

T'Arts is an art collective in Gays Arcade which runs off Rundle Malls Adelaide Arcade.

My stitching friend Margaret Marsh is a member there and invited several of her fellow stitchers from the South Australian Embroiderers Guild No Limits group to join her for the month of October.
I was thrilled to be one of those involved.

I decided to remake a nuno felt vest I made some years ago that I'd never worn as it was to big and just didn't look right on me. Of course once I'd finished remaking it I fell in love with it and it looks great on me now. Isn't it always the way.

You can just see the buttons I agonized over which do look great. Below is a close up.

 I used this photo for some cards that are also for sale in addition to the books I made.

This one is my favourite

If you are in Adelaide and would like to see more of the amazing art works including wearables and some beatuiful bags, glass and wood please head along to T'Arts.

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