Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mix It Up at Yankalilla and possibly free hugs

Looking for something amazing to do at Easter? I know just the thing. There is an amazing exhibition and sale at Yankalilla. Well truthfully there are 2. One is the Annual Art Exhibition in the hall at the showgrounds. Beautiful traditional paintings type exhibition.
Next door in the little hall is the place to go. A group of amazingly talented local and sort of local mixed media artists will be having their annual exhibition and sale. Not to be missed.

I had plans for lots of things but didn't quite make as much as I wanted too. Here are some of the things I will have on sale. They were whiet short sleeved business shirts and a few T Shirts. I bought them all ready made and have hand dyed them, none have been worn.

and these thingeys that Greg made.

If you leave me a comment with what you think these are I shall send one to everyone who gives me a correct answer by 5pm on Friday 30th March (My time). (Little hint - They are not a hair slide)
For everyone else I shall have another draw and send one to the winner.
Winners selected on 16th April.
I am going to be at Yankalilla on Easter Saturday Morning. If you see me there and mention my blog I shall give you a hug for free.


Gina said...

Trying to work out how big they are! I will guess that they are hair skewers for holding a bun or twist in place. Hope your sale goes well! Will try to get down for a look later in the weekend :-)

Bronwyn said...

Gina, that's what I said!

Jules Woolford said...

Honey dippers? Good luck, hope the sale goes really well!