Monday, March 14, 2011


I am off to Fibres Ballarat in a couple of weeks and I have a couple of things to do. One is make a 15 x 15 cm piece for the fund raiser and the other is to make a cocktail outfit from an Op shop buy.

I bought this dress at the Salvos a couple of years ago and it has been hanging in the wardrobe in the spare room ever since.

Here's a photo with the tag still attached to prove I did buy it at an Op Shop. I am pretty sure this was one of those bride maids dresses some poor soul had to buy and I can just hear the bride saying "if you shorten it you can wear it again". Please like that ever happens.

This dress was definitely made for someone shorter than me. I have to fiddle with it quite a bit and it is a couple of inches to small in the bust so that needs to be fixed but it fits me in the waist. I did wonder for a few minutes if it had been made for a cross dresser as I am not to big in the bust department. I do like the colour and as the theme is gold it fits the bill there.
All I have to do is make it longer in the shoulders, chop about 50 cms off the length and add some material in the under arm so it fits there. I might make some sort of shrug with the leftovers as Ballarat in April can be really cold. Nothing to it. More photos to come.

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