Friday, December 3, 2010

Kayla coo

Kayla coo is the blog site of Michala Gyetvai. Her work has been featured on the cover of the British Stitch Magazine
These beautifully stitched little landscapes

are a particular favorite of mine and I have added her to my huge list of blogs that I follow.
Her work inspired me to do this postcard a couple of years ago for an Embroiderers Guild of SA Christmas Challenge. This is my interpretation of the view from my sunroom window.


Kayla coo said...

Hi Peta,
This is so kind of you,thank you very much!
I wish we had Summer around the corner, it looks like we will have a very long cold Winter.
Love Michala x

Stitch1Peta said...

You are very welcome. Hope your winter and our summer ease off a bit. It does snow here in the Adelaide Hills but not often and not much