Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue on Blue on Blue

I had great plans for the blue thing and it changed. I just couldn't get it right and spent a bucket of money on stuff I am not going to use for this project now. I will use them though just on something else.
So I have done more stitching, blinged it up and placed the feather for the quill. I hope it looks like a bottle of ink. I was going to put some poetry on there but i didn't like it so I took it off and just put Blue in different size script Greg suggested I add the 'ons'. I like it. Still a long way to go though.

This little stitched landscape is about A5 size. It is a class I did with Glenys Leske at the embroiderers guild. I love it. So much fun and finished in the two days of the workshop. I loved the layering technique and Glenys was a fantastic teacher.


Jules said...

Finally caught up with your blog. Loving your blue phase! Congratulations on the new grandchild, how exciting for you all. I like your lansdscape - how do you do the layering, sounds interesting?

Sandy Pine said...

Hi Peta,
Thanks for your positive comments. Yes i just can't keep away. You are so prolific in you craft, I am like a snail just sliding around not doing much. At least we have blogland to catch up on what's new.
And congratulations on the happy news.