Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Well I was only away a week but it has taken me this long to catch up enough to get on here and tell you about my trip I believe a good time was had by all. I certainly had a good time.
We set off on Sunday morning from my friend Wendy's house. They didn't believe we would get everything in but I managed. I would not have been happy if we had a flat tire though. It is amazing how much stuff you can pack around into the wheel well, yes I did leave the tire in there.
We had a good trip, just one accident which didn't hold us up. We stopped for lunch in Horsham then at Stawell for a textile art exhibition and got to Ballarat about 4 PM. I had some reservations on the first day as the teacher of the Shibori seemed a bit flustered- turned out she was taking a headache pill with her asthma meds and the two definitely didn't mix so once that was sorted out she turned into Shibori/dying teacher extraordinaire Her name is Margaret Barnett

here is some of her work .
We had the science room at Ballarat grammar which luckily had a little greenhouse which was great for hanging up the dyed fabrics we thought except the sprinkler system came on twice a day.

The results were beautiful though and I learnt a lot especially about Procion Cotton/silk/rayon dyes which were beautiful.

The last photo is of a piece from the silk screening class with Kerr Grabowski I can't acknowledge the member of the class who made it because I don't know but I loved it.
Of course I bought books but not a lot of stuff. I'll update those things later.

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